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About me...

I'm a kid at heart...and always will be. That's why I decided to truly pursue acting during my junior year of high school, after playing Morticia in The Addams Family. Let's just say I wanted that role so bad, I had all her songs and lines memorized before the beginning of the school year (auditions weren't until the next February.)  

That's not where my interest of acting started however. It was more of an accumulated interest as I grew up. As cringey as it may sound, Disney Channel had a huge impact of my curiosity of acting. I would stare at the TV  and say "I want to do what they're doing!" I was also a very imaginative kid; creating worlds with my sister and our neighbors in the yard, pretending I was a pop star and giving endless "concerts" to my stuffed animals in my room, and day dreaming like I was being filmed in a movie.

I grew up surrounded by sports though. I played soccer, basketball, ran cross country, track & field, and I ski and surf.  My family are and I avid sport watchers, hockey being my favorite.  But any chance I got to perform, that's when I felt like myself. From school Christmas shows, to 3 week theatre summer camp; I focused and worked hard to do my very best at whatever role (big or small) I was given. I started dancing (tap, jazz, & hip hop) again in 5th grade, that's when my love for performing was truly apparent and knew I loved being on stage. Then I joined drama club sophomore year of high school...and now I have a college degree in acting. Kinda crazy. I'm so excited to see what the future has in store. 

"You Weren't Afraid at All" was a short film where I played the lead, Ali.   It was (and continues to be) accepted into multiple film festivals. I was nominated for "Hottest up-and-coming actress at the "I See You Awards" in 2022. 

Link to film can be found under VIDEOS

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