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"All These Nights" by Max Nonken. I was asked to play diner girl by Danial Hamzah (director and cinematographer.) We had recently worked together on a student film and loved collaborating together!

"All These Nights" Music Video
Diner Girl

You Weren't Afraid at All
Ali - Lead

"You Weren't Afraid at All" was filmed in Rhode Island at the end of 2020. It is about a young woman (Ali) running for her life when the evening becomes increasingly bizarre. 

Directed and written by the talented 

Kristen Falso-Capaldi

Ad video for Alpha Dog ETF: RUFF.

Shot August of 2022

Boiling Point
Haley- Lead


Boiling Point was created by a film class at Tufts University. We filmed during the pandemic lock down. The team wanted to find creative ways to shoot during a pandemic, and were successful in doing so.  

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